Jordan’s Shadow by T.R. Cupak – Review by Anna Hirsch

Jordan's ShadowJordan’s Shadow by T.R. Cupak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jordan’s Shadow by T.R. Cupak
5 Stars

This is the first book that I have read from T.R Cupak and it won’t be the last. Oh my god, it was amazing! This story played with my emotions so much! My heart broke for Jordan and I cried my eyes out. It is definitely not a fairytale. It is a dark story about pain and suffering and addiction.

A traumatic experience happened to Jordan at the age of seventeen. It was horrible what she went through. This starts her on the dark path of addiction. She is depressed and lost. She can’t dig herself out of the hole she has fallen into. Hunter is his own type of crazy but he loves her with every breath he takes. He wants to avenge her. He wants to break all the people that have hurt her.

Things happened in this book that made me freak out and others that made me happy. Events happened that shocked the hell out of me and then I cried a lot. You have got to read this book! This story is powerful and heart wrenching.

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