Relationship Resuscitation (The Juniper Court Series) by Jennifer Theriot – Review by Debi Kircher

Relationship Resuscitation (The Juniper Court Series)Relationship Resuscitation by Jennifer Theriot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Relationship Resuscitation (The Juniper Court Series) by Jennifer Theriot

5 Stars

I absolutely loved this addition to the Juniper Court Series, I had thought that Power Play would be my favorite in the end, but I’m thinking this one will run right along side it. Each one took a different approach to the empty nest syndrome and while I love them both this one seemed a bit more realistic for me personally. Power Play takes an approach that is like a fantasy for me and although I absolutely love it, my husband and I being empty nesters I can completely see this story being something we would do. I loved the sweetness in this relationship between Phillip and Jayne and the competition aspect made me lol, especially her first go at the competition…That was hilarious!!

I fall more in love with this series with every book I read, and seeing the different sides to some of the same scenes in each book is great…Something else I love about this series is that I’m getting a chance to read new authors..This is my first read by Jennifer Theriot and I love her writing style and the way the story moves so smoothly. I will definitely be looking at what else she has available and look forward to reading more from her!

I can’t wait for the next one in this series, I’m trying to figure out where my house would fit on Juniper Court LOL I love them all and just know I will reread all of these in the future 🙂

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