Deadly Words (Born Bad Book 1) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Vanessa Watts

Deadly Words (Born Bad, #1)Deadly Words by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a new author to me but after reading the description I was intrigued. I am glad to say that this book did not disappoint at all.
We start off following Poppy which was a little confusing since there were flashbacks to Poppy as a child and some of the atrocities she had to experience. From there it is easy to make assumptions about Poppy especially after being the one to turn her father in. As she goes through this rollercoaster of life, we discover that she is at war within herself for loving her father and yet being the one to turn him in after he killed Shawn. Enter Carson who is writing a book about her dad and has acquired a stalker, that unbeknownst to him has been around for a while. Yet he is not the only one in the stalker’s sight, Poppy is too, and it almost seems like a game of cat and mouse to figure out who this person is. Is it a victim’s family member that her father murdered? What happens when the game finally comes to a head? Who will come out on top? I cannot recommend this book enough, and will do so to every book club I am apart of and every avid reader I come across I just loved this book and am excited to read Ms. O’Flynn’s other books!

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