Tilt (Dreams of Chaos #2) by Ashley Chappell – Review by Naomi McDonald

Tilt (Dreams of Chaos #2)Tilt by Ashley Chappell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tilt is the second book in the Dreams of Chaos series. Even though you can pick up this book and read it without necessarily reading the first book, I highly recommend getting the first book anyway. I fell in love with the first book almost immediately, and Tilt is just as wonderful. There is a stunning array of colorful characters to both love and hate. Where the first book introduced concepts of how powerful our mind’s creative ability can be, Tilt deals with the struggle of learning how to properly use your power without losing yourself. I cannot recommend these books enough.

Trotter, the daughter of gods, is seeing her world change right before her eyes. The days are becoming shorter and the tides are out of synch. Having been forbidden to stay in Realm, home of the gods, Trotter is on her own trying to figure out what is happening. She soon discovers the gods forgotten creation and is thrown into a new world. Even as her own home is being destroyed, Trotter finds that the world she has discovered is also in danger. Trotter has to make a decision that she avoided making in the first book, and it will change everything…even her. A new power is growing within Trotter, but is it something that will be even more dangerous than what they are already facing?

Tilt has action, adventure, bravery, gods and monsters, friendship, a bit of romance, and a lot of life lessons. I love the new additions to the cast of characters, especially Erwin. Superior humor is a must when dealing with monsters invading the land. Get the book. Read the book. You will not be disappointed!

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