Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams, #3) by Abbie Roads – Review by Jana Teppih

Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams, #3)Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads
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Never Let Me Fall is the third book in Abbie Roads Fatal Dreams series. I have read EVERY SINGLE ONE of her books and I bow my head in reverence … With every book I read, I close it with a hope that she will give us another one in the series … Her imagination, her way of telling the stories, the way she gets into your head, the way she throws you on an emotional rollercoaster … she is a master of masters!
Never Let Me Fall is the story of Thomas Brown (the second book of the series was about her sister) and Helena Grayse … when these two meet, EVERYTHING changes, for both of them … At times I take a break from reading and I wonder where the writer takes the inspiration for her stories from … and to think that it is the third story focusing on an ancient legend, the writer doesn’t seem to lack of diversity, the different destinies that the couples have been destined for … please, keep them coming!
Just a friendly advice, do please read the books in order … you could say they are standalones that have the ancient legend in common … but I do not think so … you get sucked deeper and deeper with each story and as I said, the second book is about Thomas’ sister … I wonder who will be next and I hope there will be next and I hope that Abbie will also continue her Fatal Truth series in near future!

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