BECKONED, Part 2: From Bath with Love by Aviva Vaughn – Review by Jenni Bishop

BECKONED, Part 2: From Bath with LoveBECKONED, Part 2: From Bath with Love by Aviva Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beckoned: From Bath With Love is the second book in the series which continues with  our main character Angela travelling to London to be with Thomas. But what she finds  out changes everything. Angelas time in London is nothing like she expected and is  even better than she could imagine but when her time is up all the angst she never  expected to feel leave her reeling.     Once again Aviva’s vivid descriptions allow you to imagine the things and places she  writes about and you can almost taste the food. I was a little disappointed with Soren  and his perspective on some events and really just wanted to sit him down and tell him  to wake up. He almost seemed child like with his actions. The fact that Angela kept  apologising because of his feelings got my goat up to. Even though I didn’t like it, it  worked for the story.    There is a lot of passion between our main characters which make for an interesting  read. I am wondering where that leaves our characters for the future and am waiting to  read the next book to see.

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