Cougarlicious by Lily Ryan – Review by Jana Teppih

CougarliciousCougarlicious by Lily Ryan
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Cougarlicious by Lily Ryan is a story of second chances after a tragic loss with an added twist of an older woman/younger man. This is not my first encounter with Ms Ryan so I jumped on the story after reading the blurb! It is great to read so skilfully and artfully written books where the dynamics between women and men have turned upside, sort of …. There are not so many stories with older women/younger men that do not come cross too sleazy or …
Cougarlicious is the story of Kim Doherty, who is the mother of an 11-year old Timmy, and Chance Carter, her son’s wrestling coach who is in twenties. I have read the other reviews where they call it a story of forbidden relationship but I think it is only forbidden when you look at it from a narrow moralistic point of view – they are both grownups and consensual and they are not hurting anyone or cheating on anyone … it is the society that looks down on them …
It is a beautiful journey of two people that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you to take stand and keep reading … I would have loved to have heard more ‘from’ Chance as that would have given his characters more depth and layers but at the same time, the writer has taken on a challenge in itself with the topic. I will be on a lookout for more of her writing!

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