Sacrificed (Ariya Adams Series Book #3) by Anna Applegate – Review by Angela Hayes

Sacrificed (Ariya Adams Trilogy #3)Sacrificed by Anna Applegate
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Sacrificed is the third and final book in the Ariya Adams Trilogy by Anna Applegate- and what a fantastic way to conclude the trilogy. I blasted my way through the story in a matter of a few hours, it was just that good. This really is such a wonderful paranormal romance- with action, adventure, drama, suspense, mystery, danger, threats, secrets, twists, angst, a little push-pull, vampires, witches and werewolves. As this is the third book and has a continuing/bridging storyline, I strongly suggest reading the first two books before beginning this one. There is a lot of backstory, character information and other relevant details contained in those first two books which you would need to know to fully appreciate and enjoy this book.
This story picks up pretty much where the last book ended. Ariya, James, Caroline and Nick are still coming to terms with the events from the last book and are trying to figure out the best way to deal with Audrey- once and for all. They also have the problem of not really knowing who they can trust, apart from themselves. Their search takes them on a journey that delivers some of the answers they’re looking for, but also brings an unexpected development which Ariya will need to keep close to her chest until the right time. Ariya is willing to do whatever it takes to protect/save the ones she loves. But with danger at an all time high, and a clear and present threat edging ever closer- will she get her chance to set everything right again? To fulfill her purpose and save her loved ones? There are so many fantastic details and surprising development to this story, that you would be missing out on by not reading the story/series.
I have really enjoyed this series, each instalment just seemed to get better and better. This really was the perfect conclusion to the story. I wonder what Ms. Applegate has in store for us next? I can’t wait to find out!

Thank you, Ms. Applegate!


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