The Cruiser (The Hustlers Trilogy Book 1) by Rowan Rossler – Review by Ashleyann Sanabria

The Cruiser (The Hustlers Trilogy, #1)The Cruiser by Rowan Rossler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Had me invested from the very beginning! The story starts with a bomb dropping and blowing Vandana’s word into crumbling pieces. She is a strong character, however and this will not destroy her. She is the co-owner of a PR company, and she is not by any means one to just lay down and take it. Strained relationships with her family, and close support of her friends, she is now navigating her world with a new perspective. Will she pull the pieces back together? Morgan is every persons kryptonite. A young and successful yacht designer, with his sights aimed for the starts and nothing he can’t have! He is in a position to look to Vandana’s firm to kept the momentum of his company going, but will he stumble across something else on the way? Will Vandana? The story is steamy, fun, and an enjoyable ride. Looking for a romance set a rich man’s playground? Then give this one a shot.

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