Bound: Four Book Boxed Set by Shandi Boyes – Review by Shannon Fowler

Bound: Four Book Boxed SetBound: Four Book Boxed Set by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chains is book one and introduces us to Cleo, Marcus and Master Chains. I instantly fell in love with these characters. As I did with Boyes characters from the Enigma and Perception series. The ending though…I just want to shake this author! Boyes writing style pulls the reader right into the story where nothing else matters.

Links is book two and continues Cleo and Marcus’ adventure. However, my heart is breaking for Cleo because I know that there is evil at work here. I can feel something big is about to happen!

“Because it isn’t what we have in value that defines us; it is how well we rise after falling that shows our true spirit.”

I am also beginning to see a pattern for this author…she really likes a cliff hanger where the reader is screaming NOOOOO!!! Right up to the last word!

Bound is book three in this series and starts off right where Links leaves us! This adventure is “A true rollercoaster ride.” Exactly the way Cleo’s emotions are through-out the entire book! This book has been by far my favorite. The action both in the bedroom…er….playroom and out leaves me a little breathless. So looking forward to reading more about Marcus before Cleo kills him!

Restrained is the fourth book and the exciting conclusion that will rip you open and put you back together again. This book is faster paced than the rest of the series. It is exactly how a conclusion should be…except that there are a few characters that go MIA so does that mean there will be more?!? As far as Cleo and Marcus’ story they truly have “The best of both worlds”. This story was worth every penny spent and every tear shed.

I highly recommend this series!

“Call me a coward or any other derogative word you like. I won’t put up a protest. Until you have been through what I’ve been through, you can’t judge my actions.”

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