Pigs by Daniel James – Review by Angela Hayes

PigsPigs by Daniel James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Pigs by Daniel James is a thrilling quest for revenge. Full of suspense, mystery drama, action, danger murder, violence, shocking scenes, gruesome details, and emotion. This is a killer game of cat and mouse, which had me in its grasp right from the beginning.
I made the mistake of starting this book just before bedtime- needless to say I sat up long into the night- because I couldn’t put it down. Even when the scenes became quite harrowing, I couldn’t turn away- even though I wanted to- I needed to find out what happens.
This is a story of love, loss, grief, guilt, rage, vengeance, darkness, and emotion. It is both chilling and gripping- keeping me guessing the whole way. I would class Isaac, our MC, as a bit of an anti-hero. He has done, and does do, some terrible things- but you can’t help rooting for him anyway. His adversary in this story is a real cold hearted, brutal, unhinged piece of work- and often seemed to be one step ahead of Isaac. How does it all play out? Well you really should read all the intense details for yourself.
I can’t wait to see what Daniel James does next!

Thank you, Mr. James!


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