Broken World (Chasing Roy G. Biv Book 1) by Grace Templeton – Review by Jenni Bishop

Broken World (Chasing Roy G. Biv Book 1)Broken World by Grace Templeton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Broken World by Grace Templeton is an interesting read. Imagine a world where there  is no colour. Imagine a world where you are seen for less than what you are. Imagine a  world where no wants to share their secret. Imagine a world where you can be killed  just for being you. This is an intriguing story and concept and will keep you  entertained. The story didn’t quite gel in a few places but overall the book had me  hoping the ones looking for a better world won out.  I am invested enough to want to know what happens in the next book and to these  characters.

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