Miss Apple Pants: Lost in Seattle by Charlotte Roth – Review by Debi Kircher

Lost in Seattle: Miss Apple Pants (#1)Lost in Seattle: Miss Apple Pants by Charlotte Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Miss Apple Pants: Lost in Seattle by Charlotte Roth

5 Stars

This author has quickly become an absolute favorite of mine. This story although a bit different than what I’m used to by her was still as enjoyable as all the rest in a different way.

I could totally relate to Ella when in her senior year she has to move..this happened to me and was not something I enjoyed, but if Id had the chance to have my story go the way hers did in some places I might actually look back on it and smile a bit.

I had all the feels while reading this story, and my favorite part of this authors books is her writing of the interaction between the characters, she chooses the best conversations and without knowing the words to explain this I’ll just say it is awesome. Ella did experience more than someone her age should have to, yet also experienced what many young girls would love to have. I was fully invested in this story and highly recommend it.

I will be waiting for what this author comes up with next and I hope its soon because I’ve already read everything else she has available 🙂

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