Golden Poppy (Wildflowers Series Book #5) by Vivian Winslow – Review by Angela Hayes

Golden Poppy (Wildflowers Book 5)Golden Poppy by Vivian Winslow
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Golden Poppy is the fifth and concluding instalment to the Wildflowers series by Vivian Winslow. But it really is the final piece in the Gilded Flower Series too, as Poppy Barron plays a part in that series as well. I have really enjoyed discovering more about Poppy, over the course of the previous book, and this one- we get a real insight into what makes her tick and how/why she is the way she is. This book is set in her later years and there is a lot of reflection on her part, looking back over her life and sharing some of her regrets- realization and acceptance also comes into play. She feels her time slipping away and really wants to make amends with her daughters and repair her relationship with them, before it’s too late. It was great to see all the various aspects to this wonderful, complex character- and I found there was a lot more to her than I had first thought.
As with the rest of the books in this series, the characters are beautifully crafted, fully developed individuals with complexities which give them a realism and relatability. They made me want to turn the pages to find out what was going on and what would happen next. This story was so well written and just so wonderful, it is the jewel in the Wildflower series crown. Ms. Winslow saved the best till last with this emotive, heart-wrenching, and outstanding story.
I am sad that this fantastic series has ended, but what a way to finish! But, I am also excited to see what Ms. Winslow will do next! I can’t wait!

Thank you, Ms. Winslow!


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