Violet Blood (Murder in Savannah Series Book #4) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Angela Hayes

Violet Blood (Murder in Savannah, #4)Violet Blood by Lindsay Marie Miller
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Violet Blood is the fourth and final book in the Murder in Savannah Series by Lindsay Marie Miller. This is a Young Adult story- with suspense, mystery, drama, emotion, and a little romance. I have really enjoyed reading this series- following Addie and Tom on their adventures, through all the intrigue, dangers and twisting storyline. I was both excited to find out how this story concludes, but disappointed that the journey has come to an end. The other three books are really great, and I do recommend reading them before you dive into this book, because there is a lot of information in those books that will elevate your whole reading experience here. Having said that, Ms. Miller has definitely saved the best till last!
Addie and Tom are still coming to grips with what happened- the events at the end of the last book left them distraught and the future they had planned, in tatters. The unexpected twist and shocking developments in the last couple of chapters of book #3, really shook the story up and I really couldn’t wait to discover how it all played out. So, I jumped right in as soon as this book hit my kindle, to join Tom and Addie again as their story concluded. Those events really could have broken them completely, but in a way it kind of made them stronger. But, unfortunately, the danger wasn’t over for them, as sinister plans targeted them once more. Would they survive this time? Or has their luck finally run out? And if they did survive, at what cost? Would there be a HEA for these young lovebirds?
This is a complex storyline that had more twists and turns and surprising developments, which pulled me in and had me on the edge of the seat trying to discover where the story was heading and what would happen. Ms. Miller kept me guessing- and I spent a lot of the time trying to figure everything out.
Addie and Tom are really great characters, who were superbly crafted and quite endearing. I was impressed by their development and growth over the course of the series, maturing even more in this instalment. There were still a few frustrating moments when I would have loved to reach into the book and shake them both, but that just proves how invested I had become in them and their story.
This book answered all the questions and tied up all the loose threads from the story/series. I loved how Ms. Miller finished the storyline off. This book really is a fitting end to a wonderful series.
I am looking forward to seeing what come next!

Thank you, Ms Miller!


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