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BobBob by Tegon Maus
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BOB by Tegon Maus is a great Sci-fi story that has so much more going for it that you would expect from such an unassuming name. As soon as I saw this title pop up in my feed I was tempted to ignore it because, well, BOB didn’t really inspire anything in me- but I decided to read the blurb anyway and that sparked my curiosity as I really enjoy a good science fiction/fantasy story. I am happy that I took a chance on this book, because it was really entertaining! Tegon Maus has created a very original story that is full of imagination and wonder. The story is different from a lot of others in this genre and I found it very intriguing- it definitely kept me guessing the whole way through. I don’t want to reveal too much or give away spoilers, I really think this book is one of those ones you should dive into blind and let the author and storyline surprise you.
The characters are fully developed, interesting, somewhat quirky, and likeable individuals. They definitely weren’t what I was expecting when I first started the book. It was a pleasure getting to know them along the way.
Tegon Maus has a bold, vivid, descriptive and inviting style- which made this story come alive.
I am very interested in reading more of this author’s work!

Thank you, Tegon Maus!


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