Abducted (Code Raven #2) by Lynda Filler – Review by Tracy Manderson

ABDUCTED: Code Raven 2ABDUCTED: Code Raven 2 by Lynda Filler
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Abducted (Code Raven #2) by Lynda Filler

5 out of 5 start
Abducted is the second book in the Code Raven series written by Lynda Filler and it’s the third book that I have read by this author. Ms. Fillers writing just gets better with each book. Abducted is a gripping suspense thriller, is a roller coaster ride of cartel drug and human trafficking across tempestuous high seas off the coast of Mexico with some espionage thrown in. The Characters are well written and realistic that I couldn’t put this book/series down.
We have a ruthless Mexican drug cartel, notorious for their involvement in a world of illicit drug and human trafficking, is at the center of this action-packed drama where power, greed and immorality are the cornerstones of their global operations. We also have someone come back from the dead.
This is a fast-paced high-stakes thriller, a rash of abductions involving young female captives are ‘sold’ for extraordinary sums of money. They become the victims of extortion and manipulative leveraging in the pursuit of huge financial gains and unforeseen opportunity for revenge.
I simply love this series.

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