I Can Kill by Angela Kay – Review by Liz Vrchota

I Can KillI Can Kill by Angela Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Can Kill is an electrifying thriller from Angela Kay. I have never had the pleasure of reading her work before, but I can say without a doubt that this will not be my last time doing so. Thrillers are hard books, in my opinion, to write. There is a fine line between needing a lot of information to make the thrill easy to follow, get lost in, and enjoy, and the overwriting that sometimes becomes an issue with thriller novels. You need the details, but you don’t need to know what kind of laundry soap the character uses. Some of the most seasoned and well known authors make do this all the time and it really affects my ability to enjoy the story. Angela Kay manages to paint the scenes with great detail, so that you feel as if you are watching this unfold in real life. But even better is that she doesn’t overdo it. I wasn’t confused or bored one moment while reading the book.

The novel is told from the points of view of several different people. This helps you see things from every different angle and makes the novel flow flawlessly. There were twists and turns throughout that kept me guessing and shocked from beginning to end. The characters themselves are realistic and relatable, a very positive attribute for the novel.

Aiden and Shaun are partners in putting together the pieces of an investigation of a sadistic killer. Things are becoming more and more dangerous for them, especially when the killer decides that Aiden is a new target of his. Every bit of the stress of the job is affecting the relationship between Cheyenne and Aiden. Much like in real life we tend to bring home our frustrations with everyday work and take it out on our partner. It isn’t fair but in the end it can make us stronger and deepen the love for the person. This added a completely new dimension to the story. The ending is not at all like how you think it would end. Better than in fact, well in my case anyway. I am especially excited to get the next book and hope that we get to see the love story of Shaun and Laura, as well as the case of the Carnation Killer. I hope it isn’t too long of a wait! I am now in a serious book hangover and in need of the next thriller to devour!

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