Intentional (Intentional Series Book #1) by M.K. Harkins – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


Intentional is the first book in the Intentional series by M.K Harkins. This author continues to surprise me with every book. I have read all her books now and I have loved every single one. She has proven that she can write anything and do so incredibly well. This book won me over from the first few pages, I was pulled into the story, engrossed by what I was reading and couldn’t have put the story down- even if I had wanted to. I needed to know what would happen and read the book in one sitting- just to find out how everything ended.

The characters are superb, really well developed and fully realised individuals with their own personalities, quirks and flaws. They are really likeable and endearing- or completely unhinged and detestable as in the case of one particular character- but being able to sway her readers to either love or hate a character, just proves what a supremely talented author Ms. Harkins really is!

There is a lot going on in this story- and more to the story and characters than might first meet the eye. I loved discovering all the details, devouring the story, and just loved everything about it.

Mattie Parker is a 23-year-old graphic designer who has just moved to Sedona with her best friend Sarah, who is a lawyer and had just been hired by one of the top firms in the area. The girls are looking forward to a bright future. When Mattie meets Sarah’s boss, Jeremy, for the first time, sparks fly- but his reputation as a ladies man makes her wary. But, he’s determined to get to know her, and as they spend more time together Mattie genuinely believes his reputation to be nothing more than rumours. They cement their love by getting engaged- planning their future together. Mattie couldn’t be any happier. Then her world is shattered by the worst betrayal imaginable. Broken and alone Mattie can barely function- she has trouble getting through her days, wallowing in her grief and heartbreak. She decides she needs a fresh start, moving to Mercer Island to hopefully begin again. There is no way she will allow herself to ever fall in love again, or to open herself up to any more pain and heartache- she doesn’t think she would survive it. When a sexy, mysterious stranger rescues her after she’s fallen into a river, she can’t help feeling drawn to him. But she isn’t capable of anything more than friendship. But Cade is patient, kind and caring- he’s slowly dismantling her defences with his nerdy engineer by day- and sexy, charismatic rocker by night personas. She has finally found some peace and new-found happiness- when Jeremy crashes back into her life….. bringing chaos and danger with him. What happens you may ask? Well I don’t want to spoil all the riveting details, so I recommend that you read all the exciting developments for yourself- you really won’t be disappointed!!!

This story had me hook line and sinker!!! I was devouring the pages to discover what would happen next!! This has definitely become one of my favourite books of Ms. Harkins! I have already started the next book, as I couldn’t wait to see where the story leads.



Thank you, Ms. Harkins!!

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