Won’t Let You Down (A Cedarville Novel #8) by Bree Kraemer – Review by Liz Vrchota

Won't Let You Down (A Cedarville Novel Book 8)Won’t Let You Down by Bree Kraemer
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Won’t Let You Down is the 8th book in the Cedarville series from Bree Kraemer. It is a sweet contemporary romance that promises to make you fall in love with Cedarville and the people that live there. Each book is focused on a different couple so they can be read as standalone novels, or out of order. I would recommend that you read them all and in order though for a better enjoyment of the books. You really feel like you are visiting Cedarville each time you dive into a new couple’s story, and that is built by reading the entire series. Besides that, each book is an amazing read.

This book is centered on the story of Joy and Flynn. I really enjoyed these two. They are relevant and relatable for most of us that are trudging through life with a secret passion for a person we don’t feel we deserve or should be. Joy has serious trust issues. She finds things are easier when she keeps thing strictly physical and emotionless, most often resorting to one-night-stands and the ease of the one-time encounter. However, Flynn changes things for her when she starts to feel for him on a deeper level than just physically. Flynn is honestly the perfect guy to bring her out of her shell. He is patient and kind, aware of her worries and hesitations. He takes his time and gets to know the real her. Will it be enough though? Can he get her to see that they could have something great together if they just give it a chance? He knows that he ‘won’t let her down’ but can she ever believe it?

The gambit of emotions are felt while reading these two’s story. I found myself on the brink of tears, cheering for them when they were slightly starting to get somewhere, being angry when things were rocky, and blushing in heat at some of the hot steamy scenes that are well written. Overall, this was another great five star installment in the Cedarville series. I can’t wait to see what will come next in this idyllic little town I want so badly to visit.

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