My Fake Vegas Boyfriend (Viva Las Vegas, #1) by Lori Sizemore – Review by Jenni Bishop

My Fake Vegas Boyfriend (Viva Las Vegas, #1)My Fake Vegas Boyfriend by Lori Sizemore
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My Fake Vegas Boyfriend (Viva Las Vegas Book 1) Lori Sizemore is an emotionally charged story and the plot was well thought out even if I did want to strangle a few people, ok mainly the parents but still. Layla has always had to deal with verbal abuse which lead to destructive traits and lack of self worth even though her character is extremely strong and fierce she is still a broken woman. I really really hated to see her go through what she did but it was gratifying seeing her get through it all with someone finally on her side. Lori has done an exceptional job on this story and I absolutely loved it. My Fake Vegas Boyfriend is a powerful romance story that is so different from the norm but a welcome change in direction. I highly recommend this book!

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