Nursing Myself Back (Tryst of Fate Series Book #3) by Kara Liane – Review by Angela Hayes

4 Stars


Nursing Myself Back is the third and final book in the Tryst of Fate Series by Kara Liane. It is a contemporary romance about finding love unexpectedly, overcoming obstacles, and taking a chance on happiness. This is the third book in the series, but it could be read as a standalone. The series is set around a group of friends, but each book focuses on one particular couple. I do recommend reading the other books too, because they make for great reading and you get to meet some fantastic characters.

This story is a very quick and easy read- but have a box of tissues on hand because it is quite an emotional story that pulled on my heart strings. The story was well balanced with some lighter funny moments, witty quips and banter.

The characters were really great, I found myself rooting for them right from the beginning. The romance is steamy- and the characters have great chemistry. Their story is well worth the read!

A sexy and enjoyable read!

I am looking forward to what ever Ms. Liane brings us next!


Thank you, Ms. Liane!

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