The Blogger and the Hunk by Jane Matisse – Review by Crystal Davidson

The Blogger and the HunkThe Blogger and the Hunk by Jane Matisse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic story!! Penny loves her job, her parents, her sister, her 2 best friends, and her books. Happy in her own company, the last thing she’s anticipating is her unwanted feelings for Jack. In a perfect world, her one night stand would have been just that, however fate doesn’t always cooperate with what we want or plan. I can say it’s not often I don’t automatically like the male counterpart of a romance novel, but Jack took some time warming up to. Penny comes off as a quiet, inexperienced introvert. Jack a loud, opinionated player. They make an unlikely couple, and right off, I felt like Penny was better suited to someone with similar interests as herself. By the end, my opinion changed. I found this to be a quick read, with several twists keeping you hooked and anticipating what’s to come next. 5 stars and looking forward to reading more by this author!


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