Stranded (Cetacea Chronicles Book 1) by Feather Chelle – Review by Jennie Bechtel

Stranded: Cetacea Chronicles Volume 1Stranded: Cetacea Chronicles Volume 1 by Feather Chelle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Stranded, Feather Chelle takes readers on an adventure with a whale family. Fear of a serious illness scares the whales away from other whale families, and into harm’s way. The family calls upon the Dolphin Riders, a group of enchanted children and dolphins, to rescue them. Chelle does an excellent job describing detail in this story. She defines vocabulary for readers who may not be familiar with marine science. The whales, dolphins, dolphin riders, and their habitats are described in great detail, allowing the readers to envision the characters and their surroundings. Even though this story is written for children, I enjoyed it as an adult. I was disappointed with the ending, however. It seemed rushed and abrupt, and left me wanting more stories of this whale family.

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