Addicted to Love (Bayou Devils MC #2) by A.M. Myers – Review by Liz Vrchota

Addicted to Love (Bayou Devils MC #2)Addicted to Love by A.M. Myers
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I am really loving the Bayou Devils MC series from AM Myers. Book one, Hopelessly Devoted, had me hooked, and I was super excited to dive right on into this one. I did read them in order however, they are written so that you can read the as either standalones or in whichever order you would like. I am a big person for recommending series be read in order from beginning to end. A lot of times you will get updates on favorite characters and meet or get backstory on the future characters of future novels. This seems to be a series that will do that! Plus… they rock so why not???

In Addicted to Love we get the story of Carly Mills. I wasn’t so sure what I thought of her at first. Admittedly she had a rough go with life for quite a bit and I had sympathy for her. She knows that people, men especially can be cruel. This makes her avoid relationships beyond the ‘hit it and quit it’ lifestyle like the plague. That is all put into question when she meets bad boy Chance. She knows better. Her head tells her no, but her heart is doing something totally new, and she finds herself being pulled toward him. Can she really actually like this man?

Chance has been looking for something in his life. Don’t get him wrong he has his MC family now, and has worked through most of his difficult childhood trauma. But something is just missing. The second he lays his eyes on the beautiful Carly Mills he knows she is the missing piece he has been searching for. But she doesn’t seem to want a thing to do with him.

Then danger knocks on Carly’s door sending her rushing to the only person she can think of to help her, Chance of course. Will Chance be able to protect her? Can he also win her heart in the process and break down her barriers? Will Carly stick to her guns and be able to avoid falling in love with Chance?

I adored this story between these two. Several twists and turns that I didn’t see coming had me reading well into the night to finish the novel well past my bedtime and in one sitting. I will be anxious to start book #3, Every Breath You Take.

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