Just Exes by Charity Ferrell – Review by Chantelle Smith

Just ExesJust Exes by Charity Ferrell
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Just Exes is a another read in Blue Beech Series from author Charity Ferrell.
This is my fourth read from this author and I still continue to enjoy them read after read, and in fact, I think she continues to make them get better and better. This author has an incredible writing style that captivates you, has you following the journey of these characters until the very end, so much so you don’t want to put the read down.

Everything about her books continues to captivate you through the entire read. I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately but this most definitely got me out of it. I was totally hooked with this read, it was an emotional rollercoaster of emotions and a rollercoaster of a journey for both of our characters Gage & Lauren. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what these two could be hiding from each other, and also hoping that I was something that they could both overcome TOGETHER. But I was definitely not expecting it to take that heartbreaking turn!
These two have been through a lot more than you originally think, but I’m glad these two get the chance to tell their story. A story of second chances, heartbreak, loss, pain, love, passion, anger. But boy oh boy have these two characters got an undeniable chemistry and connection that cannot be ignored by each other or others in their lives. These two are destined to be together.

I absolutely loved each of these secondary characters in their own way – Lauren the strong women, that puts others happiness before her own, and is determined to always help others, just so happens to come back into Gage’s life when he most definitely needs her, he just doesn’t realise that through his hate, pain & guilt. Gage, on the other hand, is strong, confident and underneath all that heartbroken, angry & broken – but what he doesn’t realise is that Lauren the only other person to cause him so much pain the only person that can possibly get him through it all. These two break down each other’s walls and helps each other fight their internal struggles. They may still have to face ups and downs in this read but you can’t help but wish & hope that they finally get their second chance and a HEA.

Along with our amazing main characters we have some brilliant secondary characters that I didn’t realise were all part of the same series, but it was good to read about Willow & Dallas, Stella & Hudson and see how their stories were progressing. It was also nice to see the friendship that Willow & Lauren had throughout this book it really helped the story along and influenced the characters in their journeys as well.

I can’t wait to see where Charity Ferrell will take this series next and whose story we will be getting next – I will most certainly be waiting for that read! I cannot wait. But until then this is a read that should not be missed and I can’t wait to see where Lauren & Gage’s story goes next.

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