Just Exes By Charity Ferrell – Review By Melissa Agena

Just ExesJust Exes by Charity Ferrell
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A LEGIT PAGE TURNER!! Just Exes is a book written by Charity Ferrell and it is a great story! Lauren and Gage were high school sweethearts until it was time for college. Gage planned on following Lauren so that she could pursue her dreams to become a nurse. Lauren had other plans and decided that she wanted to go alone. So for years Gage has had built all of this hate toward her and then he moves back home to be with his dad. The first encounter these two had after all these years apart…Gage arrests Lauren. Then of course, all the feelings that they had for each other years ago start to come forward and things start to develop again. However, during the time apart Gage has become a different person. A person that Lauren doesn’t recognize anymore. Gage doesn’t want to let her in because he doesn’t want to taint her with all of his demons. But there is no stopping Lauren and when she wants something…she gets it. This is definitely a HEA and it has some seriously sexy scenes. Why yes, they were definitely hot! They were also very loving and very well written. I loved the characters in this book, both main and secondary. They were all likeable characters and I could relate to them as well. There were some tear jerker scenes that you really did need the tissues for. This book was so believable and it felt so real. I truly thought I was a part of the story line. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!

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