Kingdom of the Damned: Provocation (Kingdom Journals Prelude) by Tricia Copeland – Review by Angela Hayes

Kingdom of the DamnedKingdom of the Damned by Tricia Copeland
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4 Stars

Kingdom of the Damned: Provocation is the prelude to the Kingdom Journals by Tricia Copeland. It is a paranormal fantasy full of vampires, witches, history, drama, suspense, adventure and discovery. This book is so wonderfully descriptive and vividly detailed, bringing every scene to life before my eyes. The imagery is superb. Ms. Copeland is a fantastic author who delivers a complex and captivating story- I loved how she combined some history with fantasy and made it entirely believable. This is the prelude to the other books in the series- “ Kingdom of Embers” (Book One: Alena’s story), “Kingdom of Darkness” (Book Two: Camille’s story), “Kingdom of Honor” (Book Three: Jude’s story) and “Kingdom of War” (Book Four: Hunter’s Story- due for release in 2019) so you don’t need to have read the other books in the series first, but I can guarantee you will probably want to by the time you’ve finished this.
Anne Scott was born a vampire and would have good reason to be full of hate and anger- her family were all killed by witches, forcing her to flee to a foreign country when she was only two. Living among humans wouldn’t have been easy, but she not only survived, but thrived. But then tragedy strikes again, devastating Anne once more. Heartbroken, she searches for meaning, for belonging and ends up on an epic journey of discovery, that fuels her passion for peace.
Anne really is a fantastic character, but then I really wouldn’t have expected anything less from Ms. Copeland. All the characters were fully developed and interesting. The character growth over the course of the story was wonderful to see. I love the solid foundation that this book brings to the series, as a whole, and helps me to better appreciate it.
I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

Thank you, Ms. Copeland!

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