Marks of the Mazza (Mazza Series Book #1) by Blake Blessing – Review by Angela Hayes

Marks of the MazzaMarks of the Mazza by Blake Blessing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

Marks of the Mazza is the first book in the Mazza Series, and incredible debut by Blake Blessing. It is a brilliant fantasy with a paranormal/reverse harem/polyamorous romance. There is also lots of action, adventure, danger, drama, suspense, and mystery. Here’s where I will come clean and admit that I usually avoid harem/reverse harem books as they aren’t really ‘my-cup-of-tea. But having said that, this book is certainly an exception to that rule…. the story has really won me over. It was the beautiful cover and the promise of an epic story that really convinced me to read the book. What I found when I opened the book is an exceptionally well written story that had me engrossed within minutes- so to then find that it’s also the author’s debut novel, just blew me away.
The characters are not just fully realised individuals with their own personalities, but they are also incredibly interesting and endearing as well. I was very quickly and easily invested in them and the outcome of their story. There was a lot going on in the book, but Ms. Blessing choreographed everything into a smooth and captivating read.
Isolde Bardot’s world as she knows it turns upside down from the moment she stumbles into the wrong ’Uber’. She discovers a whole world she never knew existed and that she has an incredible part to play in that ‘world’. The responsibility is somewhat daunting, as is the thought that she now has a Lusty Legion of men to bond with. It’s a confusing and dangerous time for her. For one, it doesn’t feel ‘normal’ to take more than one partner long-term. Then finding out magic is real and there are different realms too, has boggled her mind. But, there are plots afoot that have targeted Issy and her safety in these schemes isn’t guaranteed. So, she’s left questioning it all and feeling the weight of responsibility thrust upon her.
I LOVED this book- from the gorgeous cover to the wonderfully exciting story and the fantastic characters- all showcasing the dynamic writing and incredible imagination of Ms. Blessing.
OMG book two can’t come quick enough for my liking! I need it NOW!! I absolutely can’t wait!
Highly Recommended Reading!!!

Kudos! and thank you, Ms. Blessing!

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