Phoenix Rising (A Fortis Security Novel Book 7) by Maddie Wade – Review by Heather Bahm

Phoenix Rising: A Fortis Security Novel Book 7 (Fortis Security Series)Phoenix Rising: A Fortis Security Novel Book 7 by Maddie Wade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Phoenix Rising, the seventh book in the Fortis Security series by Maddie Wade, is a military themed romance that follows characters that have been introduced throughout this series with each feature a specific set of individuals with overlapping secondary characters that support the characters. The overall theme that carries through this series is very well written, but each story could be read separately noting how well the author has laid out the book(s). I do recommend reading each story that is a part of this series, as it creates a very in depth and involved story to follow with great character development, suspense and, of course, romance that falls into the characters’ lives. In Phoenix Rising, the author immediately dives into the suspense and drama – Daniel and Megan are thrown together under less than ideal circumstances, but the sparks are undeniable. I found that Maddie Wade handle the ups/downs of this story/series with finesse and expertly carries the reader through the story. A great novel and series for those who love action tied in with suspense and romance.

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