Rescued by the Scot by Laura A. Barnes – Review by Erin Wolf

Rescued By the Scot (Romancing the Spies #3)Rescued By the Scot by Laura A. Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give Rescued By the Scot by Laura A. Barnes, 4 stars.
*This review may contain spoilers from previous books in the series.*

Zane is a wild man and a rogue. All the ladies love him, and he readily obliges them. But he has another side to his life. He is bent on destroying an evil man out to destroy England. Although he works for England, there is a more personal agenda he is trying to obtain. One no one knows about. But things do not go smoothly for him. When he thinks the end is near, he meets her. A lovely woman with the greenest eyes and wonderful Scottish accent. She is an enemy, but he still can’t stop fantasizing about her.

Skye is on a mission to trade arms with a man she knows to be evil when she sees a prisoner aboard his ship. He can help her succeed in her mission, so she gets him released. She just needs to use him until she can find her brother. But she is not the woman Zane thinks she is. In fact she is so much more. She is only supposed to hold onto him until she gets what she was promised. But each day with him makes her want him more and more. Has Zane go ally met his match in Skye?

If you have read the rest of the series, I know you wanted to read more about Zane. He is such a complicated character. You know he is driven by his heart, even if it doesn’t seem like it. You want to know if he can finally meet a woman while will make him want to settle down. This book has it all. You learn more about him and meet another wonderful character in Skye. She is something else, but you can’t help but love her. The adventure and action is also in this book too. Many things happen, and you will be on the edge of your seat trying to find out just what happens next.

A historical romance with lots of action and adventure, I recommend this book and series.

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