Shifter’s Pride (Spirit Walker Thriller Series Book #2) by Laura Hawks – Review by Angela Hayes

4 Stars


“There were many Native Americans that had been blessed by the Great Spirit, the Great Manitou, or whatever the particular tribe called their Supreme Being. As with all Native Americans, they had a spirit to guide them in their life’s journeys, to aid them in the path they should take, but the Great Spirit decreed one group from each tribe would be able to shift into the animal that guided each particular person. They alone would not only embody the wisdom and soul of their guide, but also embody each of their special attributing aspects. They would have the magic bestowed upon them to alter their human states into the creature that would lead them throughout their lives, as well as be gifted with additional powers, which varied per the individual. These powers were as varied as the animals that guided them.”


Shifter’s Pride is the second book in the Spirit Walker Thriller series by Laura Hawks. This is a paranormal murder mystery, with suspense, drama, action, adventure, romance, danger, a stalker, supernatural elements, shifters, and some Native American culture and history. As with the other books in this series, this can be read as a standalone. This story is quite intriguing, with several threads playing out through it. The characters are well developed and interesting. I loved how there was more to them and the story than is initially apparent. Ms. Hawks has a confident, creative, descriptive and inviting style- which brings her stories to life in a very believable way. I really love the American Indian history and cultural details she includes in her stories- it makes the book even more fascinating.

The storyline moves between the past and present- visiting the 1800’s, World War II, then back to the present, again.

I wonder what Ms. Hawks has in store for us next?


Thank you, Ms. Hawks!

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