Special Agent Charli (Undercover FBI Book 6) by Mimi Barbour – Review by Maura Harper

Special Agent Charli (Undercover FBI Book 6)Special Agent Charli by Mimi Barbour
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Special Agent Charli (Undercover FBI Book 6) by Mimi Barbour is the first book I’ve read by this author. It was fantastic.

I enjoyed the way the characters were set up. There is obviously something that has happened to “Charli” in the past and yet I didn’t feel slighted not knowing exactly what it was because of the way the story unfolded. There is no question as to who the good guys and the bad guys are in this story. In addition to the mystery of the story (nothing like a good witness protection story) I also loved the overall message of the story that EVERYONE is worthy to be loved. The younger characters really pulled at my heart strings and I hope they get their own story in the future. I bet they go on to do amazing things in this world.

The story moves along quickly, I was able to read it in one sitting and while it had some steamy parts, there weren’t so many that it made them gratuitous. The word count in the story is perfect. It was a great book to snuggle down with on a chilly Sunday afternoon (it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I should have been outside, but the book was soooo good that I didn’t want to put it down.)

The dedication of the story and knowing that one of the characters is modeled after such an important person made me smile and wish I had such a relationship in my life.

I will begin “following” the author to see what other stories they have written. 5 stars for an enjoyable book.

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