Won’t Let You Down (A Cedarville Novel Book 8) by Bree Kraemer – Review by Lisa Helmick

Won't Let You Down (A Cedarville Novel Book 8)Won’t Let You Down by Bree Kraemer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Won’t Let You Down ( A Cedarville Novel Book 8)
By Bree Kraemer
Rated 5 stars!

I was very excited to read this! I love all the previous books and knew I would be stepping back into a favorite place. I wasn’t disappointed. I really want to move to Cedarville. The place of the super hot men and sassy women.

Joy and Flynn’s first meeting wasn’t fantastic but it became memorable to them in different ways. Later Joy doesn’t remember him and and he wants her to remember on her own so he won’t tell her. So even though they both feel this connection. They are not sure how to move forward. So she avoids him and says as little as possible since she is afraid he was a one-nighter. Moving forward when that explanation comes out…prepare yourself for a super ride.

Hot lumberjack bearded Flynn! Haha I laugh when the girls call him that! I love that for Flynn. Gives me a picture in my head of what he looks like! Other than those intense eyes and his determination to get Joy. How thrilled Flynn was when Joy finally said his name! I thought “Wow this guys a goner for sure!” Though I was happy as well. I mean who gets that excited over someone saying your name?? Its because thoughts and comments like these, I was so happy to be inside Flynn’s head. I really enjoyed his thoughts, ideas and of time with his friends.

These two!! I love them together! Their conversations together are so cute! I literally sit with a smile on my face while reading. A favorite couple among this group for me. When together with their friends. It was fun to see all the teasing and good natured bickering between all of them. That really helps bring the past around and the story move forward.

Addison, Leah, Carly and Melanie have all had their stories told and have gotten their happily ever after. While they were a few books ago I still feel this author is consistent in her storytelling. I still get giddy, laugh and and sit smiling while reading this book as I did when reading the earlier ones. I’m glad this author still can keep me interested and waiting for more from these lovely characters.

Although this is book 8 in the series it can be read as a stand alone. For much much more enjoyment you should read them from the first Cedarville story.

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