Branches of Healing: Tales of Unsung Heroes by Autumn Sand, Bella Emy, J.L. Leslie, Verlene Landon, Ava Wood, Lorah Jaiyn, Natalia Schellhaas, Amy Allen – Review by Jana Teppih

Branches of Healing: Tales of Unsung HeroesBranches of Healing: Tales of Unsung Heroes by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Branches of Healing is a ‘not-leaving-a-dry-eye’ compilation of stories by eight incredible writers AND on top of that, ALL proceeds go to Healing Paws for Warriors! So not only did I pick up this compilation because I love Autumn Sand and Verlene Landon but also because it has such a great cause! I loved the beautiful stories by Autumn and Verlene (I knew there could not be anything less) AND I love that I was introduced to some other new and amazing writers that I have now noted down in my ‘to be followed and read list)!
This compilation will rip your heart out and then, it will put it back together – these stories are about separation and second chances and overwhelming loss and friendship and chemistry and overcoming unbearable and unthinkable adversity and in one way or other, they are about military and what these brave men and women who serve and the ones who love them, experience … You will experience how it is not just the people that directly involved in an event are impacted by that event but it has a ripple effect … it also shows us many faces of grief and that we all take our own way to healing …
The Anthology includes the following stories:
-Finding Us by Autumn Sand.
-Aftermath by Amy Allen.
-Broken in Battle by Ava Lyn Wood.
-Without You by Bella Emy.
-Saving Grace by J.L Leslie.
-The Last Letter Home by Lorah Jaiyn.
-Soldier On, Moving Forward by Natalia Schellhaas.
-Oscar Mike by Verlene Landon.
Pick up a copy, grab a box of tissues and a bottle of wine and settle in for the night … you will not stop until you have reached the end …

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