Alterations Trilogy: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen – Review by Liz Vrchota

ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal WillALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen
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Alterations Book #1

“Oh, God no. What have I done?” ~Dr. Kite

“If only, this time, they could control the mind. The body they could now fix-not just for cosmetic reasons, but to cure people who were ill like Gigi, destroying the defective cells and replacing them with healthy ones. Once he perfected this microchip, he would have riches beyond imagination. How many people? Millions, no billions. Why, he’d even offer different grades of this microchip to make it more affordable. He could almost hear the people clamoring for it.” ~Dr. Kite

Wow this was such a good read. It had a lot of good material packed in a short punch and I loved it. It really made me think, kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next, and even had me yelling at my kindle a few times. I have really expanded my reading genera’s this last year to include more of the futuristic and dystopian novels that I would have normally never picked up, and I must confess I am so very happy that I have. Jane Suen is one author in this area that never lets me down. She writes with such a beautiful flow and imagination that I can completely see this happening right now and it being completely for seeable. I love that about her novels and this one was no different.

First off, we meet Gigi, right as she is about to make a very rash and permanent decision, when suddenly Dr. Kite’s men step in and thankfully save her from herself. Or do they? Throughout the novel she tries to figure out what happened to her that day. What will happen when she links it all back to the decision she made to save her life and heal her body years ago from a disease that was killing her spirit and as much as her health?

“We gave you perfection, how could you not want that? No disease, no malfunctioning organs, every cell optimized and in perfect working order.”

Next, we meet Lilly Cooper, bitter and angry after her recent divorce. She is struggling to come to terms with living life and battling her demons at the same time. Will the doctor be able to help her or will it be worth the risks involved?

“She wondered, was is a display of her chip gone bad, or did it become an instrument to release her deepest desire, her dark evil within?” ~Lilly

Ellen Fullbright has spent her entire life being the butt of all the bullies jokes and teasing. She just wants to fit into her size six dress for her cousin’s upcoming wedding, but she has hit that plateau and is feeling hopeless when she stumbles upon and alterations shop that promises her a permanent fix if she follows the directions on a little white card. Will she be able to follow through?

Game Changer Book #2

I can’t honestly say enough good things about this book, but I will try to narrow it down a bit for this review. I can see this whole series as a movie. I would wait with baited breath for each episode. It is a gripping experience, with emotional, suspenseful, mysteries and so much more. Game Changer is actually the second book in the Alterations Trilogy from Jane Suen. I had no idea that there was going to be another book, so was thrilled when I found out there is another after this one. I would highly recommend that you go back and start with book one before you dive into this one. Actually… maybe not read this review from here because it will spoil it…

If you read book one… This one picks up exactly…”One year, three months and two days after the fire destroyed Dr. Kite’s warehouse.” The fire is where book one left off. From here the story delves into the lives of the women that were in book one and Dr. Kite. It is written in a format where you get little glimpses, stories about where each character is at, and what they are doing, since the fire destroyed everything that Dr. Kite had on the chips that he implanted in the women.

We find out Dr. Kite is not doing so hot after the fire. He has kind of given up on life since his main project, which was his baby, has been destroyed. He moved away and is still in a funk. I want to like him though, not sure why? There was a feeling as if it was building into something with his character but then left off… Maybe a twist there?

“He looked at his rumpled pants, still full of creases from the day before, and the worn brown belt with the dull buckle at his waist, his crinkled, blue cotton shirt barely tucked in. Disgusted with himself, he quietly retreated, cursing his appearance, wishing he could change her first impression of him.”

Ellen is blown away when her pregnancy test came back positive. She actually finds herself good at being a single mom. She will stop at nothing to give her daughter the best life she possibly can. Her story also ended with an odd question or two in mind… Another twist coming?

“Thoughts swirled in her head. How can this be? Me, a mother? I lost weight, but I’m gaining something else- a baby!”

Then we have Gigi, I really enjoy her. She is discovering how amazing it is to be in true love and I was happy to see that she was having some peace. Her story was pretty open-ended so I could see where there will be more of her in the next novel.

“As she rounded the corner, Rex came into view, dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans, and work gloves. Her heart raced as she laid her eyes on him. Her man.”

Lilly, last but not least, is throwing herself into a new phase in her life. She has been training women for no one knows exactly, but I didn’t get a good vibe from the situation. Definitely did not get the full answers to my burning questions.

“She stood in the middle of the circle, surrounded by women. Pivoting slowly, Lilly looked around, locking eyes with each in a silent greeting. Altogether, an even dozen. An exclusive group.”

As these stories unfold you find them culminating into a lot of questions. What will come next? What will happen to each of them? Does all their separate lives have any ties other than their history with the chip? I can’t believe that this would be easy to end in just one more book, but bring it on Jane Suen. I will be impatiently waiting over here.

Primal Will Book #3

I am so sad to see this trilogy come to an end. It is bittersweet because I was excited to find out how this would all come together, yet I didn’t want it to end. I can only hope that the ‘loose ends’ that Suen left us with will mean a potential spin-off series in the near future. When I first discovered Jane Suen I was looking for something different at the time from my typical romance happy ending storylines. I got so much more than I was even expecting then, and Suen has continued to reel me in and bring me back for more. I love that nothing from her is typical or expected. Definitely not predictable, and that makes for some great reading material! I chose to read this novel on a cool and rainy day under the covers with some hot tea, and it was the perfect way to spend my afternoon.

Given that this is the third book in a trilogy, I would highly recommend that you read books one, Alterations. Followed by book two, Game Changer. I would do so before you read this one, and this review. Inevitably there will be spoilers from previous novels, but I will do my best to keep them minimal.

This trilogy has been centered on three women and the man that links them all together with his ‘mad science’. This will pick up right where we left off in Game Changer. The women are coming full circle now and this is kind of an update as to where the characters are. Gigi, Ellen, and Lilly are finding where they belong in this world. Dr. Kite is along for the ride as well and we get more of the multiple POV’s which enriches the story. This is a fast and short read, mostly tying up the loose ends if you will from the previous two books. I was left hanging with a few questions, but like I said, I can only hope that means that a spin-off series is in the works or could be in the works. Overall, I was really happy with how the trilogy played out. I enjoyed the themes of self-discovery, dystopian worlds, romance, and so much more being woven throughout each novel. I can’t wait to see what will come next from Jane Suen!!

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