Alterations Triology: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen – Review by Erica Fish

ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal WillALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen
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This Trilogy by Jane Suen is a fast pace read. I want to be upfront because you may not put it down until you have read all three books. Jane Suen is an amazing author that interweaves her characters that will make your head spin. These stories are about three women, Gigi, Ellen, and Lily and Dr. Kite. There are different stories for each woman but have one story with Dr. Kite that keep your interest peaked. There is so much passion and love put into the women that you can relate to them and become part of their world. On the other hand, Dr. Kite has been through many trials and tribulations. The women will have questions that will need to be answered by Dr. Kite. When does that happen will they have love and a future to look forward to?

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