Entwined (Stone and Cinder Book 1) by A.L. Morrow

Entwined (Stone and Cinder Book 1) by A.L. Morrow
Genre – Fantasy, Romance, MMF/Poly Romance
Page Count – 140 pages
Cover Designer – BZN Design Studios
Growing up, Ashling Glasby’s father cautioned her about the dark creatures—actual nightmares brought to life—dwelling beyond the barrier arc. Her father taught her to fear, fight, and guard against them. And when he wandered into the Winter Woods, driven mad by those beasts outside, he left her with a bitter stepmother and one final warning: the monsters would attack one day.
That day comes the night of Prince Callum’s ball. In need of an heir by blood, he and his husband are searching for a woman to join their relationship. He finds hope in Ashling, the skittish young lady who shows up with a secret and seems to know far more about the nightmarish creatures threatening his kingdom than he ever thought possible.
Intrigued, Callum asks Ashling to dance, but when midnight strikes, will the beasts that brought them together tear them apart?
Bridgerton meets Stranger Things in this 40,000-word Cinderella retelling featuring dream magic, high stakes, princes in love, and—of course—a troublesome pair of glass-like slippers. It is intended for readers ages 18+.


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A.L. Morrow is the (naughtier) alter ego of a USA Today bestselling young adult author. When she isn’t writing clean(ish) YA tales, “A” enjoys dreaming up steamy scenes set in spectacular places–often along with a touch of magic or myth. She believes that love is love and likes reading and writing various genres of romance, especially stories involving MM and MMF relationships.

In her downtime (what’s that?), A finds delight in scouring for secondhand designer fashions. She briefly lived in a haunted mansion, once took a flight to visit Scotland for a day, and is prone to meeting minor celebrities in random hotel elevators. She resides in the eastern US.




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