Beckoned, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

BECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa RicaBECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn
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“Sometimes you find yourself
In the middle of nowhere.
And sometimes- in the middle of
Nowhere- you find yourself.”

I really do not know how to review this book without giving some kind of spoiler to a few of the previous installments to the series. So, I will start with this. DO NOT keep reading after this paragraph if you haven’t previously devoured the other four novels, in order, in the Beckoned series from Aviva Vaughn. I promise it will not be, for naught. Curl up with a blanket and your favorite beverage and let Aviva take you on a whirlwind of a vacation…

Dearest Soren,

Thank you for some of the most beautiful memories of my entire life.
I’ll never forget you.

Literally, I was bawling here! I mean, I know this was for the best. I knew that it had a point and was going to make sense at some point, but… WHY?

Well, because all great things have a twist, especially novels. Aviva Vaughn writes a lot like the classics, Jane Austen especially. She loves her slow burn and realistic writing. I personally do as well. It is believable and gripping. I often feel as if I am sitting right there in the same room as the characters, or on the beaches of Costa Rica. I can taste the foods, and smell the saltwater on the air. Her story lines are just as realistic and this is ever present in the story of Soren. Which is the most focused on character in this installment of Beckoned.

Soren is figuring out how to recover from losing Angela. A haste decision finds him in Costa Rica. He learns to surf. It is through surfing that he meets the beautiful Elena. The two hit it off, and although Soren proceeds with caution he is willing to proceed at least. But… don’t get too excited, there is a twist around every bend. There is more to Elena than she is telling. Will the past get in the way again?

IF you need any bonuses to this gem, there is a great playlist, featured at the back of the book. AND… A delicious recipe (yup I tried it!) For Elena’ Sol’s Tres Leches Cake is included in the back as well. I was blown away once more by this installment of Beckoned. The overall experience was inclusive and I truly felt like it was a getaway for a day, like I stepped into the world of Soren and Elena. I was so excited when I found out that there would be another one coming soon. “Beckoned, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand”. Thank you for another fantastic book ‘getaway’ Ms. Vaughn!

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