Calling the Curveball: A Lawson Family Novel by Tracey Cramer-Kelly – Review by Emily Walsh

Calling the CurveballCalling the Curveball
ByTracey Cramer-Kelly
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Calling the Curveball: A Lawson Family Novel by Tracey Cramer-Kelly was a emotional, heart warming, hot read that got me right in the feels and, had me hooked from start to finish.

My first read by this author, I went in with a opened mind. Mostly because I wasn’t quite sure about this one. I was proven wrong (I love when that happens), this book had everything I love about cheesy, quick, hot romances and so much more.

This is that second chance style romance book. Both parties, have been hurt; one is riddled with guilt, the other, recovering from a divorce. Both aren’t really looking but that’s when things always happen. I have to say I liked the way our female MC took the lead, it was a nice change from other romance were the over barring alpha male, is the instigator in the relationship, or in starting one. That was refreshing and, hell, it was super fun to read about. I had a big old gin, cause Jamie was taken so back that it was freaking awesomely epic.

As for our MC’s. Well, they were something. But for me Jamie had the most character development. For him it was about overcoming the survivor guilt and learning that he wasn’t at fault for that tragic night. Having Kira help him through that, and him for her, was special. I was rooting for them from the start.

And that’s where I’m going to leave you, as this is a shorter read, I don’t want to let anything slip and spoil this wonderful read. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that you will have a time reading about these two broken souls, finding love and hope again.

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