Casstiel; Born of Lightening: Dragon Shifter (Dragonkind – 52 Realms) by Sheri-Lynn Marean – Review by Moriah Venable

Casstiel; Born of Lightning: Dragon Shifter (Dragonkind ~ 52 Realms)Casstiel; Born of Lightning: Dragon Shifter by Sheri-Lynn Marean
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Casstiel is the second book in the DragonKind~ 52 Realms series by Sheri-Lynn Marean. This is my first novel by this author.

Nine years after his mate Maya is killed, Casstiel is still walking the Earth but filled with anger wishing to join his mate. He seems oblivion but it eludes him.

“I’m dying, yet I live without you.”

His main focus now is to destroy enemy and find whatever he is searching for.

“No, he’d not stop until they were all burned to ash and scattered to Tartaria’s four corners. Or, until he found what he was looking for.”

What Cass leases expects is the what he is searching for is not a thing but a person and this person is not only his enemy but she is also what is tying him here. She may very well be able to bring him back from himself.

I love paranormal romances with it being one of my favorite genres. I do not read dragon shifters very much but I really enjoyed this.

I love when males find love again after losing a mate and being able to move forward instead of being stuck in the depression and finding someone that help them move forward.

I will have to read more by this author as well as more dragon shifter novels.

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