Credence Woods by Alexandria Sure – Review by Ashleigh Whitwell

Credence WoodsCredence Woods by Alexandria Sure
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Credence Woods is a standalone novel that follows Kennedy Hewson as she struggles to accept, and feel comfortable with, the person she has become. This story is all about self-discovery, acceptance and love, things which all of us should spend more time reflecting on. This can easily be a one-sitting read, it was for me, and is one of those reads that really grabs you. I really enjoyed Credence Woods and can’t wait to recommend it to others!

My favourite thing about this book is Kennedy. As far as leading ladies go, she has so many of the qualities that I love to read. She’s strong, fierce and independent but also has her own insecurities, which makes her so relatable. What woman hasn’t worried about their appearance at some point in their life? Having this connection and similarity with Kennedy immediately made me like her and want to know more about her story. And what an introduction we had to her life! I will admit, at first I really didn’t know where this story was going to go! A grimy club in Tennessee is not what I was expecting, and nor was Kennedy’s choice of activity! So then we saw her back in professional work mode, things became addictive; I had to know what kind of person she was. This book had so many surprises, I couldn’t stop myself from binging on it and finishing it all in one go.

Aside from Kennedy, there are some really wonderful supporting characters in Credence Woods. From Max, one of my new favourite American men, to Hank, I loved the characters Kennedy finds herself surrounded by. They are just as addicted as she is and I thank the author for taking the time to develop them so much.

Credence Woods was a fun, uplifting and romantic read that I enjoyed from start to finish. From the wonderful characters to unpredictable plot, I can definitely recommend this read to others. I’m excited to read more of this author’s work!

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