Embrace the Passion (Pets in Space 3) by Various Authors – Review by Caralee Loonat

Embrace the Passion (Pets in Space Anthologies, #3)Embrace the Passion by S.E. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Embrace the Passion (Pets in Space 3) by Various Authors
5 Stars!!!!!

I ask you what more could one ask for but cute pets and space? This is the third collective and I
have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I like how a collective of authors can all bring such life
to space and add a touch or romance with the pets as an added bonus.

This collection is very vast and I really enjoyed them all but my absolute favorite was The Bajo Cats
of AnterosXII by E.D. Walker. I am a crazy cat lady at heart and the whole story was quite interesting
to me. I like how the author had the alien cats have a defense mechanism that when young they cant
control. I like how Zandro and Aliette work things out and how there is just enough drama in this
short story to really get the reader engrossed in it and not able to put the book down till then end.
The author has a real interesting take on how different pets in space can be and also tackles real
life issues with the conservation efforts of Zandro. I really would like to read more from this author
in future.

I have a close second to my favorite and that is Quashi: (A Mandrake Company Story) by Ruby
Lionsdrake. This story reminded me so much of the Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles.
I like how the author’s unique writing style brings this different creature to life.

The whole sort of chemistry between Chanda and Kor is quite refreshing. This short story has a lot
of drama that works around the blossoming romance of the two. The mystery that evolves during the
story helps to bring them together and also helps Chanda really achieve her original purpose. This
author does a great job in such a short expanse and grips the reader from page one. I would like to
read more from his author in the future.

I finally have one more favorite and that is Starway by Alexis Glynn Latner. This was full of adventure
this one. I have to admit that I was quite impressed the amount the author was able to get in such a short
story. I really do like these anthologies of short stories as they highlight such talent.

I really found myself routing for Nikka through this book but I have to admit at first I didn’t expect
her and Danyel to end up. I find that the author has a very refreshing writing style that grabs you
and brings you into the book and gets straight to the point. There was quite a bit of drama that
played out in this short story and I look forward to reading more from this author.

When I read an anthology I am always drawn to at least one story. The rest are the added bonus and I find
that this collection is full of the stories that I like to read and I know I will find myself reading
this collection over and over.

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