Jordan’s Justice: A New Adult Sport Romance (Tessa and Jordan Book 2) by T. Christensen

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Jordan’s Justice: A New Adult Sport Romance (Tessa and Jordan Book 2) by T. Christensen
Genre – Contemporary Romance – Sport Romance – New Adult Sport Romance
Page Count – 237 pages
Never let your guard down. Keep your enemies close.
Suddenly those phrases seem like words of wisdom and not dark, forbidding statements.
Tessa Parker is struggling to keep all of the balls she is juggling in the air. The last thing she needs is an unexpected and unwanted meeting with Jordan Davis putting her back on his radar.
Four years ago a pregnant Tessa was blackmailed into leaving Jordan. She was young and trusted the wrong people, but unfortunately for her, Jordan is going to make her pay for her mistake.


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Christensen has been addicted to reading ever since she read her first romance book in middle school. When different characters and scenes started invading her brain she would write them down and put it away. Gradually she took the steps to give them a beginning, middle, and a happily ever after. It has been a long time dream to have her stories published.has been a lifelong resident of South Dakota. Occasionally she ventures out, but being at home, with her family, is always the best place to be. Reading a romance novel is still the best reward at the end of the day.

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