Georgia Pine (Southern Promises Series Book #3) by K.G Fletcher – Review by Angela Hayes

Georgia Pine (Southern Promises #3)Georgia Pine by K.G. Fletcher
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Georgia Pine is the third (and Final) book in the Southern Promises Series by K.G Fletcher. I adore this series and can’t believe that it is finished! I really hope I am wrong because I am not ready to say goodbye to these fabulous characters and the wonderful stories that Ms. Fletcher has created. Each book slightly eclipses the last, making this a very memorable series. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to love a story or the characters more than I loved the last book, Georgia On My Mind (Hart and Gia’s story)- but once again Ms. Fletcher proved me wrong and had me falling in love with the story and the characters before I’d even got one chapter in- when she had me in tears before I had even gotten to the end of the first chapter, I knew I was in for an absolutely captivating story- and she certainly delivered everything I had hoped for, and more!
This book could be read as a standalone, but I can’t recommend the other books highly enough- they really are worth the read and help set the tone and feel for the series as a whole. We met Jessica in the previous book and my heart had ached for what she experienced- so I really wanted her to find true happiness in this book and I was intrigued to see what Ms. Fletcher had in store for her.
In this book we find Jessica a year on from the life changing events of the previous instalment. She’s newly divorced, still reeling, and quite lost. She’s had no time to really grieve for the end of her marriage as she has four adorable little girls who need her now more than ever. But she’s been struggling since her world fell apart and she’s not sure how to stitch it back together again and get everything back on track. She feels like she has failed her daughters and herself, as all her life she’d been expected to be perfect, her parents settling for nothing less from their beautiful daughter. She’d been the perfect daughter, the perfect cheerleader, the prefect sorority girl, the perfect friend, then the perfect wife and mother- but that was before her perfect world crumbled out from under her leaving her overwhelmed by disappointment and uncertainty- responsibility and expectation weighed heavily on her shoulders. Feeling extremely vulnerable and out of her depth, she gave in to her emotions, and was completely shocked when a tender giant came to her rescue. He brings some much-needed confidence and balance back into her life, and her world becomes brighter with him in it.
Tim McHill has had a huge fall from grace and has retreated across the country to live a simple life, keeping a low profile. He lives in the shadow of his former life expecting that his past will catch up with him eventually. He has no intention of letting anyone in, he’s purposely shut everyone out. But seeing this beautiful, broken young mother falling to pieces tugs at his battered heartstrings and brings out his caring and protective nature. He finds himself drawn into her life, bonding with her cute daughters in the process. All of a sudden, his life has new meaning and he looks forward to the future. But what happens when his secret is discovered? When mother nature throws a dangerous curve-ball, will they find a way through the storm, or will it destroy any chance of a future? What happens when his true identity is revealed for the world to see? All this and more can be discovered between the covers of this delightful book!
The story is soooo romantic- very touching, heart-warming, emotional, funny, suspenseful, heart-stopping, sweet, adorable, passionate, and fun. Like the other two books in the series, this is really well written, and the characters are so endearing, I became hooked right from the beginning. It was so easy to read that I zipped through it in a few hours. These complex characters had me so emotionally invested in them and their wonderful story- they really had a beautiful connection and incredibly sizzling chemistry- their story is full of sexy, steamy and swoon worthy details that really sizzled off the pages. Then there were the adorable girls who added an extra element of adorableness to the whole story. I loved how Tim connected with them right away and how wonderful he was with them- it made my heart go pitter-pat!! But there was also a bit of a mystery to the story, with Tim’s past- and some danger, suspense and a little drama were added, which took this story to a whole new exciting level!
This is such a brilliant addition to the series, and most definitely my pick of the three. I really hope we get to see more of these characters in the future- I would love to read Stuart’s story, and Jacques and Elizabeth’s story also. Hint, Hint- Ms. Fletcher!!

Thank you, Ms. Fletcher!

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