Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers #2) by Lee Kilraine – Review by Chantelle Smith

Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers, #2)Give and Take by Lee Kilraine
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Give & Take is Book 2 in The Thorne Brothers series from author Lee Kilraine. These books are a part of a series but each one can be read and thoroughly enjoyed as a stand-alone. This author doesn’t disappoint with her incredible storylines and captivating characters. I cannot wait to see what other great stories I can read from this author, and what else she will bring to this series.

This book was amazing. It had everything you needed to make this an amazing read that I was unable to put down and had me hooked from the first page. The two characters Wyatt & Rhia in this book were captivating to read and loved everything about them. They both are independent, determined characters that both have some issues impacting their future. You can’t help but root for them and hope they get a HEA.

Wyatt & Rhia have an undeniable connection from the get-go. Both of them have a way of getting into a deeper part of the other, Rhia had a way of getting under Wyatt’s skin, yet it impacted his life in a way neither of them knew, and Wyatt had a way of impacting Rhia’s life in a way she always hoped she would get from her family. They have a brilliant banter that you can’t help but have a continuous grin on your face. This book has made me smile, laugh and even let a few tears slip, but it made this book even more brilliant, captivating.

Rhia & Wyatt brought out the best in each other, and I loved seeing Wyatt’s walls break down and go from the quiet and brooding to quiet and brooding and excepting all the things that drive him mad about Rhia and actually having fun, relaxing and being himself. Rhia was the complete opposite to Wyatt in so many ways yet that made them the perfect match! To see the support and encouragement he gave her when others didn’t, really made Rhia understand and realise she should believe, and pursue what she really wanted.

I loved the secondary characters in this book and can’t wait to read how their stories unfold – picking one of the Thorne brothers to be my favourite would just be cruel, but I loved their relationship with Wyatt and even how they immediately welcome Rhia.

This is a brilliant read that should not be missed! I highly recommend this book – I cannot wait for book 3 in this series to see who’s story we get to follow and hope this isn’t the last we read of Wyatt’s & Rhia’s story.

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