Mouse Trapped (Satan’s Devils MC #9) by Manda Mellett – Review by Maura Harper

Mouse Trapped: Satan's Devils MC #9Mouse Trapped: Satan’s Devils MC #9 by Manda Mellett
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MOUSE TRAPPED is the 9th book in The Satan’s Devil MC Series. I’ve only read a few of the others and was able to settle right into this book, so it can absolutely be read as a stand-alone.

I would like to review this book from a slightly different perspective. Sure it’s a story involving a motorcycle club, a computer geek and a woman who needs help. That stuff is pretty standard in MC books. What’s unique about this book is the WAY it’s told. It is not the cookie cutter “pretty white girl meets hot alpha white male and everyone lives happily ever after”. This is a story that takes a look at the overlooked in “romance” books (gosh I’m using a lot of italics tonight). This story talks about immigration rights and multi-racial stereotypes and discrimination. It shows us how not everything is as we want it to be or we think it to be. It took a non-partisan look at how the US really is – and that’s a scary place to some. This is a book that makes me think about others besides myself. Opens my eyes to topics that I am currently being distracted from by the use of ridiculous tweets. This is still a real problem and it reminded me that I have pay better attention to what else is going on around me.

Having said all of the above, MOUSE TRAPPED is also a story that allowed me escape into a book. It is a well written story that gives us a glimpse at characters we’ve read in other stories in this series and gives us a deeper look at Mouse (it’s about time he got his story told) and what it’s like to not fit in ANYWHERE. The story flows well from beginning to end and I would recommend it. Also the cover model is HOT, so there’s that 😉

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