Our Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Kristan Anderson

Our Next ChapterOur Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVED this story. I want soooo much more. Our Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan was a beautiful story. Karalyn was a great character. She was a strong and relatable woman and a great mom. Dez was kind of a jerk after Karalyn was forced away from him when they were teens. Sometimes young love dies and sometimes it can be rekindled. But of course this love story is complicated. A baby, a ruthless family, some secrets and some grudges all keep these two apart for too many years. The story has all the good stuff packed into it: friendship, heartbreak, romance, forgiveness. I was happy to have read this book. It read fast and kept my attention the whole time. I cannot wait to read the next story as I must know what happens with these characters and with Quinn!!!!

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