Our Unexpected Hope by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Jana Teppih

Our Unexpected HopeOur Unexpected Hope by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Our Unexpected Hope is an amazing and heart-warming contemporary romance by Michelle Sullivan. It is not my first encounter with this writer and as I absolutely loved her Sunset after the Storm, I knew I had to pick up Our Unexpected Hope. I thought that I knew what to expect but that was not the case … she went beyond anything I had imagined and the ending … you leave me in awe.
Our Unexpected Hope is the story of Quinn and Noah … the story batters at you, it takes you to highs and then drops you to lows and you bawl your eyes out and you sigh in content and you feel, so much, that at times you feel that you cannot breathe …
Quinn is the daughter of Dez and Karalyn (apparently their story was told in ‘Our Next Chapter’ so I need to go and pick that one up next!) and Noah has had no one in his corner, no one loving him … They are a great couple and you simply cannot do less than root for them … I loved how realistic the story was, it had its highs and its lows and it just felt so real …
I will leave you with this: “Hope. A four-letter word I never thought would be the most important four-letter word in my life. I always had hope in my life.”

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