Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides, #1) by Kim Koby – Review by Jana Teppih

Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides, #1)Small Town Hero by Kim Koby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Small Town Hero is the first book in Kim Koby’s Small Town Brides’ series. It is the first book I have read by this writer so I was not so sure what to expect after reading the blurb … I expected a sweet, a simple love story about love and lost and betrayal and new beginnings. And it was all this. It was a bit too simple for me and I like more complex characters and more layers in my love stories but at the same time I would say that if you just need couple of hours to get your head into something else that makes you feel good, the book does its job!
Small Town Hero is the story of Rebecca and Ryan – Rebecca gets stranded in Tennessee where Ryan is a local firefighter. So you throw together a city girl and a small town hero and you get the ‘opposites attract’ storyline … yes, it is predictable but heck, sometimes you do need something simple to warm your heart and it not a bumpy ride that leaves you emotionally drained!
I am looking forward to checking out the second book in the series to see also how the writer evolves in her writing.

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